mHUB Industrial
Startup Pitch
2020 Winners

The first annual mHUB Industrial Startup Pitch Competition was held on December 3rd, 2020 showcasing cutting-edge hardtech startups founded by women and entrepreneurs of color.


1st Place

Agshift: an “AI-enabled quality-management-system-in-a-box” solution for industrial automation of food quality assessment

2nd Place

Rapids Air Quality: a local air pollution monitoring network to bring greater transparency into health disparities among communities.

3rd Place

SOTAOG: a predictive operations platform that simplifies how industrial clients apply critical operational data 24/7.

Honorable Mention

Indrio Technologies: a Stanford University-spinoff building laser-based chemical sensors to increase efficiency while reducing downtimes, operating costs, and environmental impacts across various sectors.

mHUB Industrial Startup Pitch Competition Partners

The Competition

Seven Finalists. Four Winners.

Finalists virtually pitched for cash prizes and industry connections in front of a group of eleven esteemed judges from all across the IIoT sector.


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