ITA Takeaways: The Next Wave of Innovation – Physical Products

Published on September 26, 2019

Illinois is positioned to lead in the fourth industrial revolution, and for the sake of our economy, it must. I’ve seen the opportunity grow firsthand – first in my role as lead economic development strategist for manufacturing at World Business Chicago and subsequently through leading the launch and growth of mHUB, to supporting Argonne, the Museum of Science and Industry and Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership in a leadership capacity.

Manufacturing is essential to our economy. Currently at $103 B in revenue, it is directly supported by more than 12,000 business and over 585,000 employees. This size has a substantial effect on the larger economy through jobs, with every job supporting 2.91 additional jobs, and revenue, with ever dollar supporting another $1.33. This results in a total of 2.3M jobs, and a total of $239B of revenue attributed to the gross regional product. And, the great thing about these jobs is you don’t need a college degree – which 74% of adults in Illinois don’t have – to participate or prosper. 

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