a woman and man work in the woodshop at mHUB

IIoT Innovation: it’s not just about devices, it’s an end-to-end solution

Industrial IoT (IIoT) is built on the intersection of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) that enables you to connect physical assets to the digital world. IIoT is a…

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a metal component being drilled in the fabrication and prototyping lab at mHUB in Chicago

IIoT Innovation: new business models beyond efficiency improvements

If you think that Industrial IoT (IIoT) is like consumer IoT but in an industrial setting, you might have to think again. Although cost, compute and storage capacity, and connectivity…

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Sunny Trinh

Five Questions with Sunny Trinh

Avnet Talks Innovation Priorities and The Future of IIoT As part of our series “Five Questions with,” Sunny Trinh, VP of Demand Creation and Cool Stuff at Avnet, discusses biggest…

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a startup team works on creating circuit boards at mHUB in Chicago

Learnings from Incubating Hardtech Businesses

Building a hardtech business is difficult, especially without the right guidance. Here is a list of helpful tips & tricks that any hardtech startup can benefit from, regardless of what stage…

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David Weksel

Five Questions with David Weksel

Panduit Talks Why They Work With Early-Stage Startups As part of our series “Five Questions with,” David Weksel, Director of Strategic Growth at Panduit, discusses the types of technologies he is most interested…

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Rapids Air Quality logo

Rapids Air Quality is Improving the Air We Breathe

Rapids Air Quality was the second place winner at the mHUB Industrial Startup Pitch Competition. Many studies have shown that COVID-19 death rate is higher in places with poor air…

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SOTA OG Smart Tech. Comprehensive Solutions.

Sotaog is Optimizing Operations and Growing Revenue

Sotaog was the third place winner at the mHUB Industrial Startup Pitch Competition. Sarah Tamilarasan, CEO & Co-Founder of Sotaog had a few not so positive experiences with industrial analytics:…

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AgShift logo Harness data. Harvest insights.

AgShift is Solving Complex Challenges in Food Supply Chain

AgShift was the first place winner at the mHUB Industrial Startup Pitch Competition. Miku Jha, Founder & CEO of AgShift, recognized the lack of access to automation, data, insights in…

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pitch competition for women founders and entrepreneurs of color

2020 Industrial Pitch Competition Winners

Industrial Pitch Competition Showcasing cutting-edge hardtech startups founded by women and entrepreneurs of color The first annual mHUB Industrial Startup Pitch Competition was held virtually on Thursday, December 3rd, 2020 at…

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deburring of metal part at mHUB fabrication shop in Chicago

Collaboration between Startups and Corporations to drive Innovation – The Case of Industrial IoT

Discussing examples and trends in IIoT and smart manufacturing, and how corporations can collaborate with startups to drive innovation. I had the pleasure talking to Sunny Trinh, VP of Demand Creation…

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Industry 4.0 Will Help Fuel Economy Post Election (woman and man in a manufacturing facility)

Forbes: Industry 4.0 Will Help Fuel Economy Post Election

Days after the election, individuals, communities and the nation at large are still trying to predict how the results will impact the markets. Despite the differences of the parties’ platforms,…

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Chicago’s mHUB raises $5 million to build an inclusive ‘hardtech’ ecosystem

ImpactAlpha: Chicago’s mHUB raises $5 million to build an inclusive ‘hardtech’ ecosystem

Early-stage hardware companies get only a small slice of the venture capital pie—roughly $1 for every $15 software and other digital startups raise. For under-represented hardware founders, the financing gap…

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