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Explore EnergyTech

Energy, climate & clean tech changing the way we power the world. In partnership with Invenergy and Nicor Gas/Southern Company and supported by Evergreen Climate Innovations and Perkins Coie.

Explore MedTech

Cutting-edge medtech companies that have the potential to transform healthcare. With support from corporate partner Edward-Elmhurst Health Venture Capital.

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Next generation connected devices for sustainable manufacturing in Industry 4.0.

The Program Structure

Prototyping + Business Acceleration

Building a successful business takes a whole lot more than coming up with a cool product idea

    • What Problem Are You Solving
    • Customer Development
    • What Is Your Value Proposition
    • Building Your Hypothesis
    • Validating Assumptions
    • New Product Ideation
    • Proof of Concept
    • Sub-System Development
    • Prototype Roadmap
    • Low Fidelity Prototype
    • Functional Prototype
    • Design for Manufacturing
    • Supply Chain
    • Quality Control
    • Business Modeling
    • Financial Modeling
    • Unit Economics
    • Go to Market
    • Pilot Customers
    • The Art of Pitching
    • Investment Memo
    • Access to Angel and VC Investment
    • Legal Structure
    • Mentor Matching
    • Corporate Partner Access and Mentor
    • 24 Month mHUB Membership
    • Access to Prototyping Facilities
    • Access to Industry Networking Events

Program Timeline

Year 1Year 2

DiscoveryMonths 01–02

Design & DevelopMonths 03–06

DeliveryMonths 07–24

Mentorship, Corporate Access & Technical AccessMonths 01–24

Meet Your Acceleration Team

We’re a passionate bunch of operators, entrepreneurs, engineers, investors and industry leaders with the right know how to guide our teams from point A to points B, C, and D.

Meet your mHUB Acceleration Team.

Thierry Van Landegem

Executive Director, Climate & Energy Tech Accelerator and Smart Manufacturing & IIoT Accelerator

  • Team

Haven Allen

CEO and Co-founder

  • Team

Melissa Lederer

Chief Experience Officer

  • Team

Meena Beyers

Vice President of Business and Community Development
Nicor Gas

  • Corporate Partner

James Murphy

President and Chief Operating Officer

  • Mentor

Jordan Leventhal

Growth and Innovation, Office of the CEO

  • Corporate Partner

Erik G. Birkerts

Chief Executive Officer
Evergreen Climate Innovations

  • Corporate Partner

Luis Serpa Andrade

Director, Client Innovation & Discovery

  • Mentor

David Arenas

David Arenas & Associates, Inc.

  • Mentor

Jacob Babcock


  • Selection Support Committee

Corey Barnes-Covenant

Senior Manager in Strategic Sustainability Consulting
Ramboll Americas

  • Mentor

Jian Cao

Northwestern Initiative for Manufacturing Science and Innovation
Northwestern University

  • Advisor

Sara Chamberlain

Managing Director
Energy Foundry

  • Mentor

Ed Coleman

Founding President and CEO
West Side Forward

  • Advisor

Alan Feinerman

Chief Technology and Executive Officer
Cleaner Slate, LLC

  • Mentor

Bill Fienup

mHUB Co-founder and Executive Director, MedTech Accelerator

  • Team

Mark Karasek

Adjunct Professor
McCormick School of Engineering
Northwestern University

  • Mentor

Karen Kerr

General Partner
Exposition Ventures

  • Selection Support Committee
  • Mentor

Ushma Kriplani

Interim Associate Laboratory Director, Science & Technology Partnerships and Outreach
Argonne National Laboratory

  • Mentor

Isaac McCoy

Dean - School of Business, Entrepreneurship, and CIS
Stillman College

  • Mentor

Allison Myers

Co-Founder & General Partner
Buoyant Ventures

  • Mentor

Victor Pascucci

Co-Founder, Managing General Partner
Energy Capital Ventures

  • Mentor

Nik Rokop

Coleman Foundation Clinical Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship
Stuart School of Business
Illinois Institute of Technology

  • Mentor

James Schulte

Sunfox Capital

  • Mentor

Vikram Sharma


  • Selection Support Committee

Brian Tolliver

Corporate Development and Strategy Leader

  • Mentor

Sunny Trinh

DevvESG Streaming Inc

  • Mentor

David Weinstein

Founder & CEO
Freshwater Advisors

  • Mentor

Jetta Wong

JLW Advising

  • Mentor
mentors helping startup entrepreneurs at mHUB in Chicago


mHUB invests $75,000 in cash and $100k in services, programming, and hardware in a two-year, highly structured incubation program in exchange for 6% equity.

Potential incremental investment from participating corporate partners.

More Details
startups making products to support clean energy

EnergyTech cohort
Technology Areas of Focus

Creating Solutions for Complex Industries

mHUB’s corporate partners have a firsthand view of the industry challenges most in need of solving. That’s why each accelerator cohort has different partners supporting it who help in the product market fit. Partners provide invaluable industry intel, connections, manufacturing supply chain, pilots and investment opportunities. They will become your biggest supporters.

mHUB is looking for early-stage startups working on hardtech and infrastructure solutions in renewable energy, hydrogen, carbon capture & sequestration, energy storage, vehicle-to-grid, heat sink technologies, distributed energy resources, sustainable buildings and the internet of energy. The team at mHUB is excited to hear your ideas for where you see opportunity for disruption.

Challenge Statements


Improve Utility-Scale PV Solar Technologies

Full Description

To improve manufacturing, installation, or operation of utility-scale PV solar technologies, including PV cells, modules, racking, or auxiliary components by reducing costs, improving module breakage rates, easing installation, improving energy production, improving PV plant technology flexibility to mitigate long-term operational risk, or otherwise improving system performance


Improve Utility-Scale Battery Energy Storage Technologies

Full Description

To improve manufacturing, installation, or operation of utility-scale battery energy storage systems by reducing cost, increasing safety, increasing performance, eliminating challenging raw materials, or optimizing auxiliary systems


Improve Long-Duration Energy Storage Technologies

Full Description

To enable economic long-duration energy storage (10-150 hour duration) by reducing cost, increasing safety, improving performance, eliminating challenging raw materials, or optimizing auxiliary systems


Improve Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage Technologies

Full Description

To improve carbon capture technologies for natural gas power plants, hydrogen production facilities, end use customers (industrial, commercial and residential) or direct air capture facilities by reducing costs or improving performance


Improve Hydrogen Production Technologies

Full Description

To improve water electrolysis, renewable natural gas and all “colors” hydrogen production, or other hydrogen production technologies, processes, and designs by reducing costs, improving safety, or improving performance


Improve Hydrogen Storage and Transportation

Full Description

To improve hydrogen storage / distribution / transportation technologies, processes, and designs by reducing costs, improving safety, improving performance, or improving materials (e.g. accelerate R&D on hydrogen transport and storage via existing or new pipes)


Improve Power Electronics for Renewable Energy Systems

Full Description

To improve efficiency or reliability of devices converting wind or PV solar energy generation to usable electricity (e.g. inverters, DC-DC converters, transformers)


Improve Natural Gas Energy Efficiency or Resilience

Full Description

To enable the role of natural gas energy efficiency to enhance resilience of the customers (e.g. through fuel cell technology), especially with municipalities, universities, schools and hospitals, black starting capabilities, and other micro-grid/islanding approaches


Improve Site Development, Construction, or O&M Methods and Technologies for Onshore Wind, Offshore Wind, PV Solar, Battery Storage or Electric Transmission Projects

Full Description

To improve ability to utilize renewable energy sites with challenging topography, geology, environmental, or other factors; To improve renewable energy construction costs, safety, quality, or timelines; To improve renewable energy operating project availability, performance, and operating cost (e.g. through automation, robotics, sensors, 3D printing, AI/ML)


Improve Circularity and Sustainability of Energy Supply Chains and Materials

Full Description

To reduce carbon intensity, reduce environmental harm, improve traceability, and eliminate poor labor practices in production of materials used in energy components and to improve end of life solutions and recycling for those energy components, including wind turbine blades, wind foundations, PV modules, li-ion battery cells, compressors, and other components


Find New Energy IoT Applications for New Hardware Devices

Full Description

To find new applications within onshore wind, offshore wind, PV solar, battery storage, hydrogen systems or electric transmission for new IoT devices and methods such as automation, robotics, sensors, 3D printing, AI/ML, and more


Improve Energy Infrastructure Resilience to Extreme Weather Events and Other External factors

Full Description

To improve preparedness and ability to maintain operations or mitigate equipment damage for renewable energy infrastructure through extreme weather events such as severe storm, icing, wildfire, flood, and, to improve ability to identify, assess, monitor and locate buried gas pipe, above-ground piping and meters at customer premises avoiding external damages