MedTech solutions
driven by
industry demand

We select MedTech startups based on real industry pain points, then coach them from concept to prototype to product, and surround them with industry leaders who are making the market.


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Next generation connected devices for advanced manufacturing in Industry 4.0.

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Cutting-edge medical device companies that have the potential to transform healthcare.

MedTech Program Structure

Prototyping + Business Acceleration

Building a successful medtech business takes a whole lot more than coming up with a cool product idea

    • 55+ workshops and training
      • Financial Models
      • Corporate finance structures
      • Opportunity/Customer discovery
      • Constructing the pitch
      • Design for manufacturing
      • Supply chain/Quality control
      • Regulatory path
      • Reimbursement models
    • Assigned corporate partner mentors
    • Matched lead industry mentor
    • Prototype roadmap
    • Proof-of-concept prototype and sub-system development
    • Sub-system integration and refinement
    • Fabrication services
    • Low fidelity prototype
    • New product optimization ideation workshop
    • Test and iteration
    • Functional prototype
    • Clinical trial/pilot opportunities
    • Deep connections into healthcare industry ecosystem
    • Strategic healthcare VC investors
    • Access to 300+ healthcare industry networking events at mHUB and MATTER
    • Deep mentor pool with relevant industry expertise
    • Participation in two pitch days to industry
    • Membership access to mHUB and MATTER for two years

Program Timeline

Year 1Year 2

DiscoveryMonths 01–02

Design & DevelopMonths 03–06

DeliveryMonths 07–24

Mentorship, Corporate Access & Technical AccessMonths 01–24

Meet Your Acceleration Team

We’re a passionate bunch of operators, entrepreneurs, engineers, investors and industry leaders with the right know how to guide our teams from point A to points B, C, and D.

Meet your mHUB Acceleration Team.

Heather Walsh

Executive Director, Medtech Accelerator

  • Team

Mel Cohen

Managing Director, Edward-Elmhurst Health Venture Capital
Edward-Elmhurst Health

  • Corporate Partner

Jim Martucci

Sr. Director, Tech Roadmaps & Exploratory Baxter Medication Delivery

  • Corporate Partner

Melissa Lederer

Chief Experience Officer

  • Team

Haven Allen

CEO and Co-founder

  • Team

Manas Mehandru

Chief Operating Officer

  • Team

Bill Fienup

Co-founder and Director of Innovation Services

  • Team

Michael Seedman

Executive Partner
Siris Capital

  • Selection Support Committee

Steve Koch

Managing Director
Bowline Group

  • Selection Support Committee

Karen Kerr

General Partner
Exposition Ventures

  • Mentor

Jian Cao

Northwestern Initiative for Manufacturing Science and Innovation
Northwestern University

  • Selection Support Committee

Ed Coleman

President and CEO
Bethel New Life, Inc.

  • Selection Support Committee

Caralynn Collens

Chief Executive Officer
Dimension Inx

  • Selection Support Committee

Zach Kaplan

Chief Executive Officer

  • Mentor
IntuiTap medical maker of medtech device in mHUB Accelerator


mHUB invests $75,000 in cash and $56,750 in product development resources and programming in a two-year, highly-structured incubation program in exchange for 5% pro rata rights.

Potential incremental investment of up to $230,000 in convertible notes from participating corporate partners.

More Details
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MedTech cohort
Technology Areas of Focus

Medical Technology Areas of Focus

Building a business is all about creating solutions to real problems.

mHUB’s corporate partners have a firsthand view of the industry challenges most in need of solving. That’s why each accelerator cohort has different partners supporting it who help in the product market fit. Partners provide invaluable healthcare industry intel, connections, manufacturing supply chain, pilots and investment opportunities. They will become your biggest supporters.

We are looking for breakthrough connected/IoT solutions focused in Medicine Delivery, Remote Patient Monitoring, Wearables, SmartHub solutions, Edge Computing, Robotics, Automation, Quality Control, Asset & Equipment Monitoring and more. We’re excited to hear your ideas for where you see opportunity for disruption.