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Energy, climate & clean tech changing the way we power the world. In partnership with Invenergy and Nicor Gas/Southern Company and supported by Evergreen Climate Innovations and Perkins Coie.

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Cutting-edge medtech companies that have the potential to transform healthcare. With support from corporate partner Edward-Elmhurst Health Venture Capital.

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Next generation connected devices for sustainable manufacturing in Industry 4.0.

MedTech Program Structure

Prototyping + Business Acceleration

Building a successful medtech business takes a whole lot more than coming up with a cool product idea

    • 55+ workshops and training
      • Financial Models
      • Corporate finance structures
      • Opportunity/Customer discovery
      • Constructing the pitch
      • Design for manufacturing
      • Supply chain/Quality control
      • Regulatory path
      • Reimbursement models
    • Assigned corporate partner mentors
    • Matched lead industry mentor
    • Prototype roadmap
    • Proof-of-concept prototype and sub-system development
    • Sub-system integration and refinement
    • Fabrication services
    • Low fidelity prototype
    • New product optimization ideation workshop
    • Test and iteration
    • Functional prototype
    • Clinical trial/pilot opportunities
    • Access to 300+ healthcare industry events at mHUB and through community partners
    • Participation in two pitch days to industry
    • Membership access to mHUB for two years

Program Timeline

Year 1Year 2

DiscoveryMonths 01–02

Design & DevelopMonths 03–06

DeliveryMonths 07–24

Mentorship, Corporate Access & Technical AccessMonths 01–24

Meet Your Acceleration Team

We’re a passionate bunch of operators, entrepreneurs, engineers, investors and industry leaders with the right know how to guide our teams from point A to points B, C, and D.

Meet your mHUB Acceleration Team.

Bill Fienup

mHUB Co-founder and Executive Director, MedTech Accelerator

  • Team

Melissa Lederer

Chief Experience Officer

  • Team

Katie Maskel

Program Coordinator, MedTech Accelerator

  • Team

Mel Cohen

Managing Director,
Edward-Elmhurst Health Venture Capital

  • Corporate Partner

Meg Barron

Vice President, Digital Health Strategy
American Medical Association

  • Mentor

Lyle Berkowitz, MD, FACP, FHIMSS

Physician, Informaticist, Innovator, Entrepreneur, Telehealth Expert and Venture Investor

  • Mentor

Vivek Bhargava

Senior Executive
MedEvolution, Inc.

  • Mentor

Arun Bhatia

BCE Consulting

  • Mentor

Jian Cao

Northwestern Initiative for Manufacturing Science and Innovation
Northwestern University

  • Advisor

Hiral Chandrana

Global CEO | Strategic & Digital Advisor

  • Mentor

Ed Coleman

Founding President and CEO
West Side Forward

  • Advisor

Todd Cruikshank

Surgical Innovation Associates

  • Mentor

Paul Cushman

Entrepreneur in Residence

  • Mentor

Bob Daniel-Wayman

Engineer in Residence

  • Mentor

Alan Feinerman

Chief Technology and Executive Officer
Cleaner Slate, LLC

  • Mentor

Mark Fisher

Mission Product Development

  • Mentor

Rich Ganz

Executive Chairman
Sentien Biotechnologies, Inc.

  • Mentor

Dimitra Georganopoulou, PhD

General Partner,
Qral Ventures

  • Mentor

Jon Handler

Senior Fellow, Innovation
OSF Healthcare

  • Mentor

Deepak Kaimal

Chief Technology Officer, ArrowStream

  • Selection Support Committee

Karen Kerr

General Partner
Exposition Ventures

  • Selection Support Committee
  • Mentor

Amy Kobe

InVivium Capital

  • Mentor

Steven Kuemmerle

Executive Vice President of Operations
InspiroTec (Air Answers)

  • Mentor

Suzanne Lebold, Ph.D.

Life Sciences Executive

  • Mentor

Steven Lehmann

Director, Venture Operations
Portal Innovations

  • Mentor

Jim Martucci

Medical Device Technology Consultant

  • Advisor

Steve McPhillamy

Design Director

  • Mentor

William H. Nelson

Healthy Amplified

  • Mentor

Maureen Rinkunas

Innovation & Ventures Strategist

  • Mentor

Matthew Ross

Sweeney Ford Consulting Group

  • Mentor

Maryam Saleh

Executive Director
Ed Kaplan Family Institute for Innovation and Tech Entrepreneurship

  • Mentor

Vikram Sharma


  • Selection Support Committee

Anna Lisa Somera


  • Mentor

Carson Thomas Ph.D.

Vice President of Strategy & Development
Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc.

  • Mentor

Jay Walsh

Interim Vice President for Economic Development and Innovation
University of Illinois

  • Mentor

Lilli Zakarija

EdgeOne Medical

  • Mentor

Victoria Zellmer, Ph.D.

Senior Scientific Sales Consultant at Harvard Bioscience

  • Selection Support Committee
Man wearing Intuitap Medical shirt


mHUB initially invests $75,000 in cash and $100,000 of in-kind services in a two year, highly-structured incubation program in exchange for 6.5% equity.

Potential incremental investment of up to $100,000 in convertible notes from participating corporate partners.

More Details
medtech startups in accelerator

MedTech cohort
Technology Areas of Focus

Medical Technology Areas of Focus

Building a MedTech business is all about creating solutions to real problems. mHUB’s partners have a firsthand view of the industry challenges most in need of solving. That’s why each accelerator cohort has different partners supporting it who help in the product market fit. Partners provide invaluable healthcare industry intel, connections, manufacturing supply chain, pilots and investment opportunities. They will become your biggest supporters. mHUB is looking for breakthrough solutions focused in Medicine Delivery, Remote Patient Monitoring, Wearables, Sensing and Diagnostics, Therapeutic Devices, and more. We’re excited to hear your ideas for where you see opportunity for disruption.

Challenge Statements


Chronic disease management tools

Full Description

Solutions that address the needs of patients with chronic diseases to improve quality of life such as predictive tools, home-based diagnostics, noninvasive remote monitoring and wearables.


Technologies for detecting acute or chronic conditions

Full Description

Technologies that enable early detection and progression of organ injury or failure and life-threatening conditions.


Surgical instruments

Full Description

Tools that improve the outcome, efficacy, or safety of a procedure or reduce cost.


Connected therapeutic devices

Full Description

Connected therapeutic devices and novel technologies that reduce total cost of care and/or increase patient access.


Minimally invasive monitoring

Full Description

Minimally invasive technologies for measuring patient physiological states and driving toward more personalized delivery of therapy.


Improved drug delivery methods

Full Description

Improved drug delivery methods including transdermal, IV, IV push, rapid infusion, and subcutaneous which reduce cost, control rate, accommodate variable doses, minimize or address required drug volumes, increase safety, and/or reduce patient discomfort


Robotic or automated healthcare devices

Full Description

Robotic or automated devices that assist in a procedure, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, or cure.


Medical devices

Full Description

Medical devices that aid in the prevention, mitigation, or cure of a disease